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CONFERÊNCIA: Impacto dos Sistemas de Saúde no Ambiente: Que caminhos de transformação?


The Institute for Evidence Based Health (ISBE) is a private non-profit association.

ISBE is a space where Academy, Researchers and other Partners can meet, integrate and share experiences, dedicated to the purpose of generating, disseminating and operationalizing scientific knowledge in the Health sector.


Key Aims

ISBE aims to improve health care by filling gaps in research evidence, supporting decision making at all health system levels, developing educational and training activities, establishing networks and communicating clinical and epidemiological science and its application in clinical practice.


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ISBE bridges Academia, Individual Researchers, Healthcare and Patient Organizations around six research areas key to the healthcare system.

By partnering with ISBE, organizations with an interest in health research agenda can leverage the impact of best possible outcomes at affordable costs on society.

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